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Home Office Setup

As COVID-19 HIT, lives changed – working from home was no longer a luxury, but soon became a necessity.

From workstation setup and installing Windows to Network Security and Managed Services, we’ve got the solutions for your home office needs!

We can install Whole Home Wi-Fi to make sure your internet connection is consistently strong throughout your home!

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is not just for businesses, you can utilize this service for your home network as well! It’s the easiest and most affordable Backup Solution, no need to buy an external harddrive as those can be costly!

Store all of your data in the cloud to give you access it anywhere. You can login from your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Back up your photos, videos, documents and more. Doing so keeps them accessible should you ever lose your phone, or if your computer crashes unexpectedly.

Cloud storage is scalable – meaning you only pay for the amount of storage you need. You can upgrade or downgrade the amount of storage you pay for at any time if those needs change over time.

Managed Workstation

The same great service we offer to our business clients, now available for our residential clients!

We will proactively monitor your computer for any security threats, using automated tools to fix many issues immediately so your computer won’t be affected.

“Patch” is another word for update. With our managed services, we take care of these patches for you! Your system and applications will be up-to-date at all times, and with today’s cyber security threats, it is important to maintain these patches to make sure you have the latest security updates directly from the developers!

Best of all, you’ll have access to Remote Support, so any issues that can be fixed remotely will be taken care of in a fraction of the time it would take a technician to drive out to you!

Managed Antivirus

Get the top-of-the-line Antivirus software for your home computer. Our technicians will monitor this antivirus to ensure that no threats get through to your device or devices.

Family computers need protection too – it’s not just businesses at risk of cyber attacks these days! Make sure your family can browse the internet safely with our Managed Antivirus service.

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