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Computer Solutions For Home or Office

We’ll Take Care of Your Computer Needs!


Shopping for a new computer?

There’s so many variables to consider: memory, processors, graphics cards… With all of the technical terms involved, computer shopping can be very confusing!

Our IT experts will speak with you about your needs and budget, then find the best fitting machine for your home or business. We can also find any accessories you might need for your new workstation – keyboards, monitors, cameras, and more!

Repairs & Upgrades

Our repair shop is in-house, so bring your system by and our technicians will be happy to assist you!

  • Need more memory on your computer?
  • Power supply failed?
  • Cracked screen on your laptop?

We can take care of these issues and so many more, call your local IT experts at ABS Technology for all your hardware needs!

Computer Tune-Up

Is your computer running slow? Just doesn’t have that “fresh out of the box” performance it used to?

Our Tune-Up Service will clean your computer inside and out! We start by inspecting the computer for unwanted programs, cleaning out any temporary files that need to be removed, and removing any bits that old programs have left behind.

After tidying up your software, we will open up the computer and clean the hardware. By blowing out debris and dust, we can help prevent more serious issues like overheating and damage to those delicate parts of your hardware.

If your computer isn’t up to its usual speed, call ABS Technology for a Tune-Up Service!

Data Recovery

Don’t let lost data get you down – ABS Technology has got you covered!

Our technicians have years of experience recovering data for our clients, and we are partnered with a leading data recovery company who specializes in this service!

  • Drive accidentally formatted? We can get that data back!
  • Lost your pictures, music, and documents? We can find them!
  • Hard drive failing? We can clone it to a new drive to save your data!
  • Lost data on a smartphone or tablet? Our data recovery partner can help!

If the drive has a mechanical or electronic failure that prevents us from accessing your data, we will send it to our partners for further assistance. This data recovery company uses a state-of-the-art clean room to physically remove the drive platters and rebuild your drive to recover your data.

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