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As COVID-19 HIT, lives changed and working from home was no longer a luxury, but soon became a necessity. Now more than ever it is important that families and home offices have:

  • Affordable Solutions for Better/Faster Internet Connection 
  • Web Content Filtering To Keep Your Family Safe
  • Our Go-To Secret For Multi-Layer Endpoint Protection


ABS Technology Remote Home Office Residential Services

Dear Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs & Families,

8 months ago, things were bleak. Most remote workers were struggling to even get online with everyone in the neighborhood at home. For a while, people couldn’t get things done quickly because EVERYONE WAS On The Wi-Fi… not to mention you couldn’t protect your children from predators and elicit content.

In fact, most people we spoke with were starting to think they were going to have to switch professions or worse….see their children fail at online schooling. (You can’t believe how happy we were that it never came down to that. But the possibility was very real.)

Abs Technology Residential Services Wi-Fi
Abs Technology Residential Services Wi-Fi

As a remote worker and provider for your family, you’ve undoubtedly been in the same position. You know what it’s like to:

  • Miss a virtual meeting due to wi-fi crashing.
  • Get hacked and have all of your personal information revealed or stolen.
  • Find your child exposed to inappropriate content because it is hard to know how to filter information coming in.
  • Lose all of your important pictures and files because you don’t have a sturdy back-up system.

That’s exactly how most remote employees and online families felt.

Eventually, folks working at home sunk so low into despair, that the only way to go was up. And they started to realize…

If Other Families & Remote Employees Could Work From Home Without Constantly Being Kicked Off The Wi-Fi, There Had to Be a Way for You To Do It, Too!

It simply comes down to taking the “right” steps. Not getting caught up in the misconceptions about technology that keep us trapped.

So ABS TECHNOLOGY sat down to make a list. A list of the myths that work from home families were telling themselves.


Myth #1: When you get a virus on your device you will know right away.

You see…that is just FALSE! You may not even know you have a virus until your computer is crashing and your personal & work information is exposed.

We spend so much time telling ourselves that this can never happen to us because the $29.00 online anti-virus we bought is good enough to prevent ALL Viruses… and we actually start to believe it.

As our team scribbled down ideas, we wondered what would happen if our clients purchased a service that would get them wi-fi, back -up their files & protect them online. 

We’ll get there in a minute. But there were still more myths to unravel.

ABS Technology Residential Services Backup
ABS Technology Residential Services Backup

Myth #2: Backing up your files on your device’s internal hard drive or company drive means your files are safe.

More than anything else, this was the myth that prevented most of our remote families from moving forward. Because if they have it stored it was safe right?

At ABS, our belief system had led to the idea that most people needed to be educated and understand what services are best for them and what they don’t need. And that is exactly why we came up with our whole-home & office package.

And since you’re reading this…you’ve probably already guessed that this package can serve every family in need of additional storage to back up their important files, documents & yes….family photos.

ABS Technology Safe Surfing Residential Services
ABS Technology Safe Surfing Residential Services

Myth #3: I put parental filter settings on the devices and my family is “safe surfing”.

The final myth we had to break through was believing that the basic settings of your internet or mobile device services are keeping your family safe from inappropriate content and online creepers that are trying to trick your children and elderly parents. FALSE. FALSE. Just Not True.

ABS TechnologyHas Found Affordable New Ways To Keep Remote Employees and Online Families Working.

Okay, so myths or beliefs are tricky. Whether they are true or not, they fill a space in your brain. So you can’t dismiss them. You’ve got to replace them with a new belief…a new truth. 

Working With ABS Technology Means:

  • We Provide Remote Tech Support…we don’t have to come to your home to serve you. (No crazy appointments & we can help you from literally ANYWHERE!!!)
  • Your Personal Infomation Will Be Safe Online.  (Yep…we stop HACKERS)
  • Your Wi-Fi will run at the speed you need for success. (We can customize for your family needs.)
  • BACK-UP—-YOU BETCHA, not to brag, but that is our forte!!
  • Your children are safe from online PREDATORS & from viewing inappropriate content.

If you are looking for a new truth, then here it is. 


You Can Get Started For As Low As $15.oo Per Month!! Sign Up Today.