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Is Your Business Using A Consumer-Grade Firewall Or Router?

Security of your network and your business data should be a primary concern of all business owners, yet many rely on a consumer-grade firewall router appliance to protect their networks and priceless business data.  Effective network security relies on many factors, starting first at the Gateway, the entrance to your network from the Internet.  Routers purchased at a big box store such as Linksys, Netgear and similar are designed for home networks, and some security experts would argue they are marginally effective for a home network, definitely not recommended to protect a business network.  These devices provide very basic security mostly depending on Network Address Translation NAT to shield you from Internet threats.

ABS Technology works with many business class firewall security appliance vendors, including Cisco, SonicWALL and Palo Alto Networks to name a few.

An important aspect of the effectiveness of a business-class security appliance is keeping support subscriptions current.  Support subscriptions provide many benefits, such as access to vendor technical support with constantly updated definitions as new threats are introduced daily.  If you overlook the need to maintain current subscriptions your appliance is only as good as the day it left the factory, and with new threats introduced daily, you are already at risk of exposure.  Modern business-class security appliances with active subscriptions are constantly updating themselves to protect against new threats.  Below are a couple of examples from two of the security appliances we sell and support.  As new threats are identified the vendors send out automatic updates to your appliance.


Application and Threat Protection Highlights


The SonicWall Threats Research team released the following reports this week to highlight the protection capabilities of your subscribed firewalls to newly discovered threats.



If you have a valid subscription service on your firewall that is successfully updating signatures, no action is required on your part and your devices will automatically update.

Application and Threat Content Release Notes

Version 677


This emergency content update provides coverage for recent generic exploit host page updates that have been seen in the wild. We recommend that you upgrade all devices to the latest Applications and Threats content version and review your security policy to ensure the desired action is configured for each security policy rule.


New Vulnerability Signatures (1)

SeverityIDAttack NameCVE IDVendor IDDefault ActionMinimum PAN-OS Version
critical38857Generic Exploit Host Webpagealert4.1.0


Network security is extremely important, yet easy to overlook.  ABS Technology can help you examine your network security and provide recommendations to help keep your network and business data as secure as possible.

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