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Internet Failover Service

Internet Failover: Protection from the Unexpected

  • Internet downtime can be devastating to your business — killing productivity, taking away your ability to generate revenue, and damaging your reputation. ABS Technology’s Internet Failover solution protects your business against Internet downtime with an intelligent system that can detect an ISP disruption and automatically failover your business to a secondary 4G LTE connection when it does. When your primary network returns, you are automatically and seamlessly routed back. For a low monthly fee, you get completely managed and headache-free protection, and the peace of mind that a network outage won’t paralyze your business.
  • ABS Technology is now offering backup Internet connections for $99.00/month with 1-year contract.  This would failover automatically if your primary connection went down.   This would ensure that the connection to the Internet stays up and running and connections to web applications, email go on until primary service is restored.   
  • Basic hardware and configuration is included with no setup fee.   This is a backup Internet connection suitable for getting by for several hours to a day or two.  It’s not meant to carry the network indefinitely.  Limited to 10gb of transfer bandwidth a month, overage charges will apply if 10gb is exceeded.   YouTube, music streaming, and other non-mission critical services would be disabled if on the backup to conserve bandwidth.

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