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Home Computer Security Bundles

 ABS Technology has long provided Managed Services to our commercial clients.  We now have a special bundle of those services designed for the home and home office user to provide you the same level of support and security available to our business clients.

 Bundled Rates

Total Secure Plan

Automate / VIPRE

$170.00 annually


Total Secure Plan with Backup

Automate / VIPRE / Carbonite

$225.00 annually

Data overages above 50GB at additional charge


Automate is our Remote Monitoring and Management platform.  Key features are:


  • Management – Our technicians can on-demand connect remotely to your computer to assist in computer support saving you the trouble of taking it down to bring to the shop. Remote support will save you time and money.
  • Monitoring – Automate monitors and performs hundreds of maintenance tasks in the background keeping your computer safe and running at peak efficiency. Known bad task are blacklisted and prevented from running and causing harm to your system. 
  • Patching – A key feature of Automate is patch management, keeping your system up to date with Windows patches is critical to the security of your system.
  • Monthly fees for the Automate services are $8.00 per month billed annually at $96.00.



VIPRE is our Managed Endpoint Security platform.  Key features are:


  • Best Security Protection
    • Top-rated, 100% block rates and zero false positives in AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Tests
    • Defends against emerging threats, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, exploits, spyware, malicious websites, phishing attacks
  • Comprehensive Malware Protection
    • Cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Large threat intelligence cloud and real-time behavior monitoring protects against ransomware
    • Malicious URL blocking
  • Advanced Feature Set
    • Layered defense by combining anti-malware, anti-phishing, patch management, mobile device management, URL blocking, exploit protection and more
    • Integrated patch management ensures installed third-party applications are up to date and secure against exploit kits delivering ransomware and datastealing payloads
    • Small footprint ensures maximum protection with minimal system impact
  • Monthly fees for the VIPRE services are $2.50 per month billed annually at $30.00.



Carbonite is our Managed Cloud Backup platform.  Key features are:


  • Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, etc. are backed up automatically
  • FERPA, GLBA & HIPAA compliance
  • Backup Data is encrypted during transmission and encrypted on the Carbonite servers so it is secure and never at risk of being compromised.
  • 50GB of storage included in the plan
  • Monthly fees for the Carbonite services are $4.80 per month billed annually at $57.60. Additional storage above 50GB available at $10.00 per year for each additional 10GB.  When storage quotas exceed purchased amounts an additional prorated charge will be incurred.


All plans include an annual PC Tune-Up so we can insure your computer contains no malware/virus and is running at optimum efficiency.  Key features are:


  • Scan for malware/viruses
  • Remove adware and unwanted programs
  • Optimize startup programs
  • Clean web browsers and install tools to block ads and other unwanted content
  • Annual fees for the PC Tune-Up are $45.00 annually along with the package fees you choose.















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