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Why your business needs a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Why your business needs a Managed Services Provider (MSP): Bottom line, you are in business to serve your clients/patients or make your widgets, we are in the business to manage your network and IT resources so they perform and meet the reliability standards you expect. The old model of support used to be “break-fix”. In other words, you waited until something broke, then you call your IT Support to come fix it. Needless to say, it’s always going to be that critical computer or process such as the payroll computer on payday! Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. With our Managed Services offerings, we can proactively monitor your computers and servers, and with the automation tools fix many problems automatically before they ever cause you a problem. When potential problems do occur our management software is alerted to the problem allowing us time to address the issue early on. This service also offers us the ability to remotely support your systems. Sometimes it only takes minutes to connect and help you with a problem — with our Managed Services we can quickly connect to your computer and resolve your problem faster than the drive time to come onsite.

A key tool is remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. RMM software can perform any IT support and management task or process remotely, efficiently and non-intrusively. RMM software is the most common element in an MSP’s toolkit, with 63% of MSPs using an RMM tool. It isn’t cost effective for MSPs to make onsite visits to monitor and maintain their clients’ equipment. RMM software puts monitoring, management and problem solving on autopilot, allowing MSPs to deliver services profitably and consistently across multiple clients and their devices. Providing services remotely makes the MSP model work. The best part of RMM software is that it can identify potential problems before they occur and automatically fix the problems. RMM software can also manage IT assets, deploy software, manage mobile devices, install antivirus software, patches and hotfixes, and monitor networks. (Managed Services: Why It’s Good for Business).

If you have servers under our management we monthly run through a checklist of maintenance items, making sure all hardware and drive RAIDS are functioning properly, all third-party software such as JAVA, etc. is current, security software is current and working, backups are running properly, and ensure any special applications running on the server are running properly. When a business is running a local server, it is usually a critical piece of equipment for the business; we understand that and take the time to make sure it stays running for you.

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